Twisted Antler Co.

Owner: Krista Roberts

Location: Palmer, Alaska


“My business is anywhere my creativity takes me. I started out hand etching on recycled glass bottles and paintings. Then I got into the hand painted tumblers, which I loved doing, but they have been a challenge for me so I decided to let those go. I mainly focus on hand painted glass jugs of all sizes, from growlers to kombucha bottles and inbetween. Then you can go fill up at your local brewery or kombucha brewery! I’d say it’s a win win for not just my business but other local businesses in town! I also use acrylic paint on wood and try to incorporate the wood grain where I see fit. Framing has become part of my process as well. Once in awhile I will reuse Carhartt pants to create keychains, which are hand printed with wood blocks. 

Almost all of my products have been thrifted and repurposed, including the wood. Thrifting is such a great way to bring out more ideas. My inspiration comes from the one and only, Alaska. The colors, landscape, and feels that Alaska brings have helped me continue to create. I’m pretty lucky to live in such a beautiful place with great people!”

Find her @twistedantlerco on Instagram or Facebook.