Seacor Tours

Owner: Tanya Shober

Location: Seward, Alaska


Seacor Tours is based out of Seward, AK and is a charter business that runs small group wildlife and glacier tours into Kenai Fjords National Park.  Our trips run daily between mid-May to mid-September.  We also specialize in customized private charters such as photography groups, birding groups, family reunions, weddings, and other special events.

I started working as a deckhand in Seward my first summer in Alaska back in 2003.   I got my captain’s license 3 years later and then started my career as a tour boat Captain working seasonally in both Alaska and Maui.  I started out driving boats for a small company in Seward that also operated small group tours.  I absolutely loved my job and when the owners eventually decided to sell, I realized that with the experience and knowledge I had gained over the years, I wanted to start my own tour business.  

I wanted to continue doing small groups, as I believe it creates a more memorable experience for the passengers as well as the crew.  It allows everyone on board to interact with each other and provides a more personal and intimate tour.  There are many days it feels as if we’re out on a boat ride with a bunch of friends rather than at work. It’s all about having great energy onboard. It’s contagious and creates a fun vibe all around.

Our vessel, the Outright, is a 50’ aluminum catamaran certified to carry 30 passengers and cruises at around 25kts.  We book up to 22 people on our group tours and allow 30 on our private excursions. We are the perfect “in between” size tour boat, larger than a 6 passenger vessel and smaller than the large tour vessels. We kind of found our own little niche.

Find their website here, contact them at (907) 802-0553, or follow them below.