Mountaintop Metal Co

Artist: Kelsey Allman

Location: Wasilla, Alaska

What is your name and the name of your business?

My name is Kelsey Allman. My husband Anthony and I own and operate Mountaintop Metal Co. LLC based out of Wasilla, Alaska. 

Tell us a little bit about your art and your process for creating it. 
I design and create mostly Alaskan themed metal art, address signs and business logos using design software and a CNC plasma table. 

What is it about Alaska that inspires you?
I find inspiration looking out my window at the mountains, trees and lakes that surround us here in the Valley. 

Where can we learn more about you or see more of your work? Do you have any social media or contact info that you’d like to share?

To see more of my work you can go to my website, check me out on FB, IG (@mountaintopmetalco) OR see my products in person at one of the many locations that carry my art, including The Peak Outpost in Palmer, Spunky Monkey in Wasilla, Northern Whimsy in Fairbanks, Once in a Blue Moose in Talkeetna, and many others around the state!