Zoe Ash, a Palmer Alaska based coffee roaster, showing her coffee during an event

Farm Loop Coffee

Owner: Zoe Ash

Location: Palmer, Alaska


Farm Loop Coffee is a small-batch specialty coffee roastery in Palmer, Alaska. She sources coffee from coffee farmers and traders that value and produce high-grade coffee. She tends to roast light to medium in order to highlight the natural flavors of each coffee, so that when you drink a cup from Farm Loop Coffee you can taste the unique flavor profile of that particular coffee, grown and processed in that particular region, and on that particular farm.

When you find that perfectly roasted coffee that has been carefully curated all up and down the supply chain, you may taste deep flavors, fruity flavors, spicy flavors, and layers and layers of different flavors as it cools. Coffee can be so much more than dark and roasted flavors.

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