Adrift Prints

Artist: Kristin Vantrease

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Tell us a little bit about your art and your process for creating it. 

I make linocut prints, and the first step of my creative process is to go outside.  I use my own reference photos to create a sketch or drawing.  Then I transfer the drawing to my block. With the pencil lines as a guide, I use tools to carve out the block – kind of like making my own rubber stamp.  I roll ink over the block and hand press each image, peeling it away to reveal the final print.  The result of this process is that each print is an original, like a fingerprint, there are unique differences in ink coverage between prints.  

What is it about Alaska that inspires you?

I love that in Alaska, you don’t have to travel very far to see some epic scenery – some of my art represents landscapes right out my backdoor in Anchorage, while others are inspired by backcountry trips.  All of my prints are inspired by real places I hike, bike or ski to.  There’s nothing quite like getting to the top of a peak and looking out at the unfolding of endless ridgelines. From growing up in Homer I also have a deep love of Alaska’s wild coastlines and rocky beaches. With dynamic tides, and abundant sea life, there’s always something new to discover. 

Where can we learn more about you or see more of your work? Do you have any social media or contact info that you’d like to share?

Every print has a story behind it – I document my creative process and share the background for each print on Instagram: @adriftprints

Get in touch with me at

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and at Dos Manos Gallery in Anchorage